Best Places to Visit in Haiti

Haiti is truly a piece of paradise which is taken straight from the movies, with turquoise waves calmly lapping at shores, misty mountaintops peeking via lush vegetation, and the beautiful sunsets covering the landscapes in various colors. Haiti is situated on the 2nd largest island of the Caribbean, Hispaniola & shares its idyllic setting with the Dominican Republic. Let us explore some of the best places to visit in Haiti:

  1. Bassin Bleu:

Bassin Bleu is a secluded waterfall on the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. Tourists can follow a trail to the basin & spend an entire day jumping from the waterfalls and swimming in the turquoise water. The privacy of this destination makes it feel like a blissful paradise.

  • Labadee:

Labadee is a private port, & a secluded part of paradise. Owned by the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Company, the white sandy beaches & crystal water here make it one of the most promising spots on the island. Apart from relaxing on the beach by the blue sea, travelers can shop from a selection of Haitian vendors and try their hands at a zipline.

  • Kokoye Beach:

Kokoye Beach is the idyllic Caribbean haven replicated in holiday brochures at the worldwide level, with turquoise water, fine white sand, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. The beach is a fantastic spot for snorkeling & the right choice for those who wanted to avoid a tumult of tourists.

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