Best Places to Visit in Niger

Before we get straight into its beauties, let us get the gritty side of Niger out of the way. Beset by military, tribal uprisings and juntas and other groups of terrorists now marauding via the states of Central Africa, Niger has never been & presently isn’t the safest of places to explore. Tourists under its spell should bide their time, check FCO warnings & wait; with luck, one day, this magnificent cut-out of the Sahel & Sahara will once more open its doors & borders.

Pine for the undulating dunes & the shifting sea of sands that is the Tenere Desert, Pine for the mud-brick mosques of towns like Agadez. Pine for the winding alleyways of Zinder; the energetic markets of Balleyara, & for the old regal homes of onetime monarchic Dosso.

Let’s visit some of the best places to visit in Niger:

  1. Zinder:

A maze of tight-knit lanes & hidden streets weaves & winds to create the hard-to-navigate heart of Zinder. In the meanwhile, the Palace towers of Sultan over the city with its massive adobe architectural achievements. And that is not even mentioning the bustling bazaar, which lies as far as the eyes can see, it is easy to believe it was once one of the busiest camel caravan stops on the route of trans-Saharan.

  • Niamey:

Niamey, the capital city, is a home of around 1.3 million people, which makes it the real human heart of Niger. Niamey straddles the courses of the Niger River in the south-west part, & bustles with amazing open-air markets, along with a surprisingly exciting nightlife scene after dark. International cuisines are touting kinds of pasta & pizzas mix with the spicy inventions of the African kitchen too.

  • Agadez:

Boasting around 1000 years of history & steeped in tales of Sahelian camel caravans, the Ottomans, & the ancient Songhai imperialists, enthralling Agadez certainly has a story to tell. The centerpiece has to be the earthen minaret of the central mosque, which mimics the significant landmarks of the desert towns of Mali to the west.

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