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Yes, you can answer questions and earn money!

Qaobaba is the portal to gain and share knowledge. This will serve as a great tool when you are looking to find and share information.

People ask a lot of questions, like-

  • How to play Ludo on Android and Apple iPhone?
  • How to explain insurance in simple words?
  • Is GST calculated on profit or Turnover?
  • Can tourism harm the earth?
  • Who was the famous British architect who designed the president’s house? And so on…

When any question pops up, the first thing is the internet to check upon. It has all the resources that can give you the information you are looking for. One of the medium is also Sometimes you do not have time for various web pages before you find what you need. The portal will also give the users an added advantage of creating social networks. You can follow the categories that you have an interest in. And, the best part is that you are paid for the asked question and a given answer.

The questions asked, and the answers you give in the platform are monetized. Coins are assigned for each. One Coin is Equal to Rs 1. Firstly, the account is created on the portal, and then you can press the tab-‘ask a question.’ The different categories are mentioned on the website, like books, business, farming, finance, business, science, health, travel, etc.

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