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Not only the online medium helps us in completing the daily task, but people can also earn money through it.

The web portal allows you to earn money online just by asking questions and giving answers. Various defined categories are mentioned, such as business, fitness, food, general, health, history, insurance, science, politics, tax, travel, and so on.

The coins are assigned for every asked question and a given answer. One coin is equal to Rs.1. When you have 200 coins, that means Rs. 200. Then the payment is made. This is the minimum amount of payment.

The users are also given the points, such as :

  • 1 point- for adding a new question, a new post, when your answer is the best answer and gets a vote, etc.;
  • 2 points for adding an answer
  • 10 points for referring a new user and,
  • 20 points while registration

The signing up process is easy to complete by mentioning the required details on the portal. So, becomes your secure platform to get the right information and also to share your knowledge. Then you also have the advantage of earning money by asking and replying as well. The amount is quickly transferred to your Paytm wallet, Google Pay, or bank account number.

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