Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Beautiful lakes, stunning caves, jaw-dropping castles, forests, and churches Hungary is much more than its beautiful capital “Budapest.” Some of the beautiful places of Hungary are turning into the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. Before you proceed to plan your trip to Hungary, know some places where you can explore which has the treasures and secrets of these beautiful places.

  1. Budapest: Budapest is one of the most visited places in Hungary, and one should visit this place to know the history and progress of Hungary. Ancient and historic buildings stand regally alongside the modern architectural wonders.
  • Eger: Eger is one of the top places in Hungary, which is located on the Eger River. Tourists here will witness the remnants of the Turkish invasion, which never failed to influence the town’s architecture. A short distance away is the Valley of women, which produces Hungary‘s best red wine.
  • Debrecen: Debrecen is a famous place to visit in Hungary, and it is even the 2nd largest city after Budapest. While it has a fantastic history of its own, it is more famous for being the gateway to the Great Plains of Hungary and especially as the base for a visit to the Hortobagy National Park.

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