Glenmark Coronavirus Medicine- approved for coronavirus treatment in India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical corporation based in 1977. In the beginning, the corporation was selling its products in India, Russia, and Africa. To combat pandemic COVID 19, the organization nowadays introduced medication under the brand “FabiFlu”

  • Favipiravir is the first approved drug for the oral remedy of COVID-19 infection in India.
  • DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) has already given Glenmark pharmaceuticals to fabricate and marketplace this drug in tablet form.
  • It deals with patients with mild to slight contamination, below the call of FabiFlu. Though not magic; it can help in the middle of rising cases.

The Covid-19 drug approved in India at Rs 103 consistent with the tablet. Favipiravir, an antiviral drug used in Japan in 2014 for the treatment of influenza. The medication is accessible as per the prescription and as in keeping with firm press releases the endorsed dose being 1800 mg twice each day on day one and after that 800mg twice day by day up to 14 days.

As per the agency, FabiFlu capsules are easily available at some point in clinics and retail channels with a rate tag of Rs3500. This remedy offers a rapid reduction in viral within 4 days and provides quicker symptomatic and radiological development. Favipiravir has shown scientific improvement of as much as 88 in step with cent in mild to moderate COVID-19 cases

Favipiravir is sponsored by robust clinical evidence, displaying encouraging consequences in patients with slight to mild Covid-19. It offers extensive spectrum RNA virus insurance with scientific development cited in a 20-ninety plus age group.

Glenmark was the primary enterprise in India to get hold of the drug regulator’s approval to conduct a phase-3 medical trial of Favipiravir antiviral capsules for Covid-19 sufferers. Considering at the very least two strips according to the patient, Glenmark will be capable of providing FabiFlu for about 82,500 patients in the first month itself.


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