Top 10 Billionaires of India

Based on the assessment of wealth and assets, lets’ check the list of top ten Indian billionaires. Mukesh Ambani– consecutively

Know About Ambani

When we talk about Indian billionaires, the first name that strikes is Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. He is the richest man

Crude oil prices in international market fall below $0 per barrel

When all Indians were sleeping, and the US market was open. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil prices in the Futures market

US crude oil slips amid coronavirus pandemic

International Benchmarks for crude oil are West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent. On Monday, US crude oil slips below $15 per barrel.

Top Billionaires of India in 2020

As per Forbes, there is an erosion of 23% in the wealth of Indian billionaires this year. Primarily, the reason

United States Crude oil storage capacity is filling quickly

United States crude oil storage capacity is going to be full very soon. All the major countries are facing the

United States Oil Industry: Crude Price $20

The crude oil market is continuously going through bad phases. The oil and petroleum industry is one of the hardest-hit

Sovereign Gold Bonds from April 20

The Government of India will raise funds by issuing Sovereign Gold Bonds. Further, The RBI told that gold bonds would be

Bonny Light crude touches $12, yet no one to buy

Bonny light is one of the crude grades in Nigeria. Recently, its prices dropped to $12 to $13 barrel this week.

Government of India make changes in FDI policies

The latest press release came from the Government of India. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry says that all countries sharing

Global economy is in crash, a country still growing

The global economy is in the crash and facing the worst situation due to coronavirus pandemic. Major economies of the world are

Import of Crude Oil during Lockdown: China Stockpiled

The Chinese economy was fighting with the coronavirus for three months. Well, the situation came under control timely. However, during

1930’s depression better than current Pandemic Situation

The Global Economy is forecasted to shrink by 3 percent in this financial year. The Global Economy is suffering due

Global economy dropped $5 trillion, equal to Japan’s GDP

Economists forecast that coronavirus pandemic is set to hit global economy by more than $5 trillion. This huge impact is

People’s Bank of China bought 1.75 crores share in HDFC Bank

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) purchases about 1.75 crores of equity shares in HDFC Bank. This is a recent affair. HDFC

Worst economic crash in South Asia in last 40 years

India and other countries of South Asia are going to record the most miserable growth domestic output in the last four decades.

Crude oil demand wiped off due to COVID-19

The global demand for crude oil has been wiped off due to widespread COVID-19. All the countries are shutting down

Crude oil demand collapse, big players towards bankruptcy

During these rare times, the global economy continues to sink. The pandemic coronavirus destroyed all the sectors. Even the crude

Oil Market staggering, indicates massive fall in Crude

WTI Crude Oil On Thursday, Commodities and WTI Crude Oil Market had a rough day. In the beginning, the market was favorable,

Mexico puts OPEC and non-OPEC’s meeting into doubt

Oil importing nations OPEC and its allied nations fail to secure a deal. On Thursday, the meeting took place between

Recession phase: How to stop global economy from entering into it?

A discussion about the phase of the economy is round the corners. Will it be recession or depression? Is the

Mexico comes as decisive player for OPEC+ deal

On Thursday, there was a conference between all the OPEC+ nations. According to OPEC, this meeting was scheduled to discuss

Crude Oil prices to fall around $20

Crude oil demand is decreasing with every passing day. Due to pandemic coronavirus, many oil-exporting countries are facing lockdown and

World Health Day: Analyzing US economy after COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global economic growth. Around the world, all countries are facing problems due to lockdown.

Crude oil market up 5% ahead of meeting on Thursday

United States Commodities market experienced a rise of 6 % in the price of crude oil futures. All oil-exporting countries

Supertankers to United States sent by Saudi

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s top crude exporter making on its promise. Saudi Arabia promised to overflow the earth.

US Economy frozen due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic, around 30% of the US economy has come to a halt in the last couple of

Crude oil prices are highly volatile, can’t be forecasted

The commodities market session prices went forth and back as traders still anticipating meeting that postponed. Crude oil prices and the market is highly

Global Economy: $1 trillion diffusion by Japan

Japan has committed to diffuse around $1 trillion into the global economy. It proposed it to protect its economy from the widespread

Global economic policies amid COVID-19 crisis

All countries’ economies throughout the world are staggering—no matter whether it’s developed, developing, or under-developed nations. As a result, there

Global Economy Collapsing due to COVID-19

Numbers are drastically changing every hour, Global economy collapsing, and no one knows a specific name about how many people are

Crude oil production cut discussion with OPEC : US denies

Russia and other oil-producing countries will conclude the crude oil production cut. It happens only if the United States and other

Free digital certification amid lock down offered by TCS

Recently, TCS ion announced a free digital learning certification program named as Career Edge. TCS ion is a unit of

PPF Account: 5 latest amendment every PPF account-holder should know

The world is fighting against pandemic Coronavirus. India is also taking many preventive measures to minimize the loss of life

Lurching Global economy slammed by disinflationary shock

The global economy is at the brink of sinking and suffering through disinflationary shock. This universal condition could push the

Crude Oil Retreats After Sharp Rally on uncertainty Over Price-War agreement

Crude Oil gave up a few last week’s rallies once the confirmation of a planned meeting between Saudi Arabia and

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Hand blenders are the most convenient appliances for blending ingredients. The main advantage of the portable hand blender is that

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Amid trade war, countries import excess crude and store for future

These days’ coronavirus is affecting the world economy very severely. Due to this, there is a massive fall in demand

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Best Selling Earphones in India

You can get your ideal earphones as per your budget and for a fantastic listening experience. Some of the best

Crude oil slips below $20 per barrel – lowest in last 18 years

Brent crude falls to its lowest level since 2002 amid Corona Outbreak. The pandemic has caused the global shutdown, thereby decreasing demand

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Nebulizers- specially designed to cure asthma and other respiratory problems. These are mainly two types of nebulizers, such as tabletop

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