Best Selling Hand Sanitizers in India

Due to high demand by the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for hand sanitizers has increased in India. But using too

Best Selling Baby Soap in India

The skin of the newborn is very soft and sensitive and is prone to allergy, on which we cannot use

Best Selling Baby Diapers in India

There is no doubt that the need for diapers for newborn babies is essential in modern days. There are different

Top 3 Fitness Tracking Devices in India

As more and more people are getting serious about their health and fitness, it makes sense to buy or invest

Honey for Better Health

In recent years Indian consumers have become more health-conscious and severe about their quality of food. In almost all categories,

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Orphidia is a developing rapid blood investigative portal to run lab checks on a moveable device simultaneously. The company’s workplace

The success story of Vayu

During the time of disaster or when a major accident took place in any place, it is essential to help

Launchpad Digital Health:- The success story of launchpad digital health

One of the most famous quotes that signify the value of treatment that is “Better ten times ill than one

The success story of Brighter

Are you also facing dental issues? Do you still find it challenging to make time for the appointment with the

The success story of Hush

Girls love makeup. And being a girl, I genuinely agree with this statement. Beauty products and make up are something

Success Story of zPREDICTA (formerly Ixchel Scientific) – Selection of best regimen for cancer patients

Julia Kianticancer Mukti Parikh founded zPREDICTA in 2014. Both are well-known Ph.D. scientists. Its headquarters is located in San Jose,

The success story of Livongo Health

Chronic disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular condition, hypertension, etc. are prevalent among the individuals around the world, today, most of the

Top 5 Hospitals in Delhi

Top 5 hospital in cities Well, there are many hospitals in Delhi, but there are some of the hospitals which

Health Benefits of Parakram Jeera

We all grew up listening to one common thing from our mother that eat Jeera. It is suitable for your – Blogs on Beauty, Fashion, Skin Care, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness

About Divas World is one of the most popular and leading online platforms which include blogs on a variety

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Who doesn’t want a small escape from one’s life into some hot topic discussions? Everybody does. And that’s where lifestyle

Avail best health care from Cipla

Cipla, the renowned and best health care company present in India. The company is in service for over eight decades,

Success Story of Zalim Lotion

Zalim Lotion is a product of Anju Pharmaceuticals and is headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It was founded by Navin

What is a General Physician?

General Physicians are trained and qualified specialists who offer a wide range of non-surgical healthcare to their patients. They take

Who is a Doctor? What do they actually do?

A doctor is a qualified person who treats people who are not well enough. If a doctor is a surgeon

Top 10 Gym Franchises and Fitness Chains

Top 10 Gym Franchises and Fitness Chains Gymguyz: Gymguyz is concerned about providing one-on-one, home training to its clients. 9

Effects of social media in our daily life.

Effects of social media in our daily life. Social media plays a vital role in our daily life , It

Top 10 dark chocolate brands in India !!

Are you a dark chocolate Lover? If yes, then you should try out the brands which are supplier of dark

Maruti Suzuki sets up 5th Water ATM in Gujarat Village

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has come up with its Water ATM facility in Gujarat. With the help of this Water

The better understanding of water management with Ecosoftt

ECOSOFTT Water, renewable sources of energy, is the second most crucial necessity for the survival of humans. The Earth covers

Practo: The Home Giving Everyone a Healing Touch

Practo: The Home Giving Everyone a Healing Touch What does Practo do? The company has been established with an extraordinary

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In India 2019-20

Heard the saying health is wealth?? How can u actually safeguard this wealth?  That’s where Health Insurance companies help. Lets

Nationwide Healthcare Careers-Aureus

About the company- It is a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, and it is affiliated by C&A, which is one

A guide to knowing about the policy Bazaar health insurance

Health Insurance is a bad policy to go for as this can help you ensure cashless treatment when required in

Health Care Magic – Consult your Doctor online.

Health care magic provides an online service where a customer can consult a doctor and get advice on the web

NextDroptrack – To track that you drink the cleanest water.

NextDroptrack water quality and use their network of sensors and consumers to report where there is a water quality problem

Cookifi: Ultimate Solution for Foodies

Cookifi is basically a service provider of catering in the city of Bangalore, which offers people a delightful experience when

HealthifyMe- Fitness Possible via Smartphones

There is no doubt about the fact that the world as of now is much more health conscious than ever

Azoi Inc: Your Health and Fitness Partner

If you are one of those who follow your health technologically, then you have probably heard about Azoi Inc. Yes,

BRAINWAVES EDUCATION – Dyslexia Assessment Services

Dyslexia is a disorder in which children face problems in learning at a young age. It occurs mostly in children

Pharma Groups Combine to Promote Drug Discovery with AI

Top Pharmaceutical companies, involving AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and GSK are going to do their initial collaboration to skill their

How is Unitus Seed Fund disrupting the Healthcare market?

Founded in 2012, Unitus Seed Fund is a leading investment firm in India. The firm primarily targets the startups in

DocEngage a complete integrated solution for a Doctor

DocEngage a complete integrated solution for a Doctor DocEngage is established to provide the best services to your patients by

A Complete Food Solution of all your Railway Problems: TravelKhana

Every year near about 6 billion passengers do travel in Railways. If you have ever travelled to train, you must

Priyanka Chopra helping Combat Malnutrition amongst Children

Living beings require energy to sustain their lives, and that energy comes from the food they eat. Food is, indeed,

Apple revolutionizing women’s health

The human mind sees no limits to creativity and innovation. Any time, a new idea for advancement can pop up

10 Most Polluted Cities of China

Around 80% of the city resident breaths worst air. Research showed that individuals living in countries that are low-income are

10 Most Polluted Cities of India

According to a survey in the list of World’s most polluted cities, out of 10, seven cities are in India,

Improvising Healthcare By Creating Ecosystem

In order to help fill a series of voids in the Indian healthcare system, emerging healthcare startups have, in recent

HealthAssure- Bringing Good Health Closer

Health Assure is one among the country’s most exceptional healthcare service provider which has brought more than 2000 health care