Requested Indian PM Modi to release Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump

In a daily press conference at White House, Trump informed that he discussed it with Indian PM. He requested PM

This will be critical; virus diffuse could recede – Govt on COVID

In India, the number of people affected through pandemic has catch acceleration after Nizamuddin Markaz. The coming weeks are very

US: A Tiger at NYC’S Bronx Zoo tests positive for COVID-19

Zoo officials announced on Sunday afternoon, a 4-year-old Malayan tiger, named Nadia has tested positive for coronavirus. Even six other

Trudeau and Trump to discuss regarding export ban

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and President of The United States of America is going to talk about the

CM Arvind Kejriwal hits out at Centre for PPE Shortage

Delhi has seen a sudden spike in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. In a press conference, Chief Minister, along

Trump calls PM Modi, asks to release Hydroxychloroquine ordered by US

US President Donald Trump said he spoke to Prime Minister Modi. He requested to release Hydroxychloroquine. The United States orders

Tables turned, time changed: USAID, asking protective gear back from relief groups

There is a sudden spike in the number of confirmed positive cases in the United States of America. More than

COVID-19 Pandemic: Delhi child right body starts helpline to counsel children

Novel Coronavirus pandemic is equally affecting small kids and their parents. In such a scenario, it is essential to stay

Deadliest day for US – Around 1,500 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed cases with the novel coronavirus in the United States surpassed 100,000

Focus shifts to rapid tests as confirmed cases cross 3,000, death toll at 91 in India

The spread of COVID-19 in India has created panic all over the country. The infection has expanded its footprint in

Spain surpasses Italy in the numbers of patients suffering from Corona virus

From the last two consecutive days in Spain, the number of deaths reported is recorded highest. The number of patients

More than 15,000 deaths from COVID-19: Ontario, Canada

Ontario – The most populated state in Canada where health officials say probably more than 15000 loss of life from

COVID-19 will cost around 4 trillion dollars to the Globe: Warns Asian Development Bank (ADB)

COVID-19 positive cases are increasing day by day. It has affected the world economy harshly. It ravages the economics of

Novel Corona Virus: Impacting and spreading to every country on the planet

Corona Virus has spread to every continent and almost every country on this planet. People are losing their lives due

India yet to face peak level of CORONA: Experts

As per analysts and medical experts, India has not reached the top of the curve. India is still climbing and

RBI Moratorium: Pay your credit card dues or end up paying exorbitant Interest costs

Use this moratorium or flexibility given by Reserve Bank of India for your credit card dues only if you will

Small businesses in California got big relief from Sales Tax

As the world’s economy is suffering from COVID-19 widespread, Many countries worldwide are on the extreme edge of recession. World

Corona virus updates: Debate in white house regarding use of face mask

There will be a debate regarding emphasizing on social distancing or the use of facemasks. As medicines are going to

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s preparation to fight against COVID-19

Out of two patients, one will die, and one will survive as there is only one ventilator over two patients.

$1 billion approval from World Bank as emergency funds to fight against COVID-19: India

World Bank has recently approved the most substantial chunk of relief funds for India to help and support in tackling

Pandemic worsens as number of global confirmed COVID-19 cases exceeds one million

The novel coronavirus infection was unknown to the world until four months ago. The virus had first observed in China

US President warns Americans to prepare for ‘hell for next two weeks’ as models show up to 240,000 deaths

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump has held a marathon – two-hour-long press conference in which he warned Americans to stay

AIIMS Doctor and his 9 month pregnant wife tested COVID-19 Positive, Both in Isolation

As per media reports, a senior resident doctor of Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has tested positive

As curtains falls, Six PSU banks walk down the history with mixed feeling of Grief and Nostalgia:

From 1st of April, 2020, 6 (Public-Sector Undertaking) banks ceased to exist as they got amalgamated with bigger banks. Among

Is your portfolio flexible enough to bear COVID-19 market crash?

Hardly must it be a matter of 3-4 months ago when analysts were publishing their positive outlook, reports, and expectations

Unemployment in America Soars: Indicates global recession

The United States of America is facing one of the worst economic phases wherein the unemployment rate has soared so

Flight bookings to resume from 15 April 2020

A significant relief coming from the center that there will be no addition to this 21-day lockdown. Passengers can travel

Finance ministry to issue another package which would be quite bigger than Rs 1.7 lakh crores: Sources

Sources within the finance ministry have told that the upcoming package from the Finance Minister of India will be bigger

Nizamuddin Markaz: Two deaths, 108 test positive for novel corona virus in Delhi

On Thursday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing a digital press conference said out of 2,348 people evacuated from the Markaz,

COVID-19 Impact: Air India suspends contract of around 200 employees amid lock-down as almost all planes grounded

Air India has appreciated for flying some flights (day and night) to rescue Indians stranded in coronavirus-affected countries. However, this

A hospitalization insurance policy“Corona Care” launched by PhonePe

PhonePe, a digital payment company owned by Walmart, has come up with something unique in these critical times. It announced

Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro to donate INR 1,125 Crore for COVID-19 crisis

Corona Crisis is a tough time to pass through. Various industrialists and high net worth individuals are taking this as

Delhi Government Hospitals shut after three doctors test positive for Corona

The COVID-19 has not spared Doctors in Delhi government hospitals. Surprisingly, three resident doctors have diagnosed with novel coronavirus, who

Owner of Delhi Fair Price Shop Arrested for Defrauding Food Grains

Few shops were presently sealed in Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar when the police had received some data about the misappropriation of

Kerala Urges Government Employees to Donate Their One Month Salary

The Left Government of Kerala is looking to raise 2500 crore rupees for coronavirus relief operations. The Government has urged

Mumbai: In Order to Get Groceries, Some Still Leaving Confinement Zones

Authorities of Mumbai have requested residents in 140 confinement zones to stay indoors to prevent further spread of coronavirus. But

Manageable but Good Mental Health is Vital: Karnataka Man on COVID -19 Recovery

Venkat Raghav [Age 50], who has based in Bengaluru, was in Los Angeles the previous month for a work trip.

COVID – 19: US Death Toll Passes 4,000, Higher Than the 9/11 Terror Attacks

The total number of death because of Coronavirus crossed 40,000 in the United States; this number is higher than the

Nizamuddin Has a Link to a Chunk of it Surfaces, Coronavirus Cases Rise to 74

7 person have tested positive for COVID-19 in Tamil Nadu, with the entire number raised to 74, and few cases

COVID-19 Delhi Update: 441 fresh cases in the Capital of India

The number of positive coronavirus cases in India has reached to 1,703 on Wednesday. Out of these deadly positive cases,

Best Selling Pollution Masks in India

Air qualities in metro cities are degrading day by day, not the only pollution; various factors make the current environment

Google started website on COVID-19 specifically for INDIA

Google has started a website on coronavirus, especially for India, that will deliver all possible information about widespread COVID-19. You will get

More deaths in U.S than 9/11: 240,000 fatalities projected

The United States of America is the new epicenter for COVID-19. Americans tested positive by COVID-19 toll crosses 185,000, and the

More than 100 Mosque in Delhi – Linked with Coronavirus cases

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, ordered Delhi Police to file a case against Markaz Nizamuddin mosque for negligence and

Coronavirus Update: US President Donald Trump declared coronavirus pandemic as ‘a plague.’

President Donald Trump strictly warned the entire country during a White House News Conference about ‘harrowing’ two weeks as the

New Delhi: A religious event in Nizamuddin turned as hotspot for Corona-virus

A religious event Tabligh-e-Jamaat’s held in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, is the new hotspot for deadly disease Coronavirus. Twenty-Four people who attended

Indian doctors treating deadly Corona-virus patients with torn raincoats

Coronavirus patients are increasing day by day in India. However, we are running out of medical equipment, protective covers, facemasks, and sanitizers. We

Millions of people jobs at stake – Travel Trade among worst hit sectors

Coronavirus has freeze economies of all the nations worldwide. It will influence the world in such a wrong way; no one has

Impact of Coronavirus on GST Collection – February 2020

Coronavirus has affected almost every individual and all countries’ governments. Governments are not able to find out a way to

COVID 19: First corona virus case in Jharkhand, Malaysian woman tested positive in Ranchi

WHO declared COVID-19 as pandemic on March 11, 2020; however, Jharkhand on Tuesday reported its first coronavirus infection case. A