Success Story of Sky Front

In 2013, simple mapping and surveying missions required operators to perform multiple flights over multiple days because of the limited


Success Story of Simbi

Simbi is a platform for artisans and freelancers to exchange services. With simbi, you can trade any of your skills,


The success story of Bonsai

In the world of modern technology and fast-moving work process, automation is the key to success. It is necessary to


The Success story of DailyDrip

DailyDrip is a site which provides with small size video which can help you to become a better developer. It’s


The success story of Memo.AI was founded in 2016 and was co-founded by Cristian Strat, Liana Dumitru, Mircea Paso. It was created to help


The success story of Payable

In today’s era of advanced technology, everything has been automated by the incorporation of modern techniques. Well, payment to the


The success story of stensul

Stensul is working on delivering effective measures to improve the brand presence of large organizations by generating emails and improving


The Success story of Tapjoy.

Tapjoy is a site for Mobile advertising and industry for app monetization. The industry works with different advertisers to help


Success Story of Modernizing Fleet Operations

In the IT and service industry, Stratum has undoubtedly made a place for itself in modernizing and improving the performance


Success Story of Mile IQ – Leading Mileage Tracking and Logging App

Chuck Dietrich and Dan Bomze found mile IQ in the year of 2014. Mile IQ is a free mileage tracking


Success Story of Interana- data processing Company with fast and accurate answers to critical business questions

Interana has developed the platform which is capable of providing data related to the events. Such types of databases help


Success Story of Stellar

Allyson Downey started the company named Stellar in 2014. She also is CEO and co-founder of weeSpring. This company helps


Success Story of Curbside – Provide End-to-End solution for merchants

Denis Laprise and Jaron Waldman started the firm in 2013. The aim was to develop a mobile application that provides


The success story of Subdream Studios

Subdream Studios is a game development company that is founded in 2016, by Francisco Martin and Jikhan Jung. Jikhan Jung


The success story of Dwell

Dwell was founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. Dwell was started to inspire and to show the


Success Story of Growbots

Growboats was founded in 2014. Its mission is to unlock growth potential for all businesses worldwide with Growbots AI. Growboats


Success Story of Harvest.In deals with a data security firm that enables organizations to identify and stop data breaches, insider threats, and stolen


The success story of Android

In the era of mobile apps and extensive use of the internet, smartphones are an integral part of every individual.


Software Development

First Web Development is a top-rated IT Company that offers you several services in development includes responsive website development, static &


Top Mobile App Development Company

Are you looking for top mobile app Development Company for all platforms in India, Netset Software Solutions provides mobile app


Success Story of MONA LABS – world’s smartest personal shopping assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence

Orkun Atik founded the Mona Labs in 2014. It aims to provide a mobile-based shopping application, and it works totally


Success Story of – One-stop destination to fulfill all IT solutions

Started in 1985, the company headquarter is located in Boston. G.P. Ganapathi is the president of Terminal. The TerminalTerminal has

Untitled-3 Making India Self Reliant

Reliance Commercial Finance is now re-branded as Reliance Money to fulfill the requirement of various individuals in India. The product

Untitled-2 Best Alternative to Google

Kensaq is developed and handled by the Ask media group, LLC. It is a search engine that acts as a

Untitled-6 Digital Platform for Loans and Insurance Shop

Cashnet India is an interbank system in India handled by Euronet Services India Pvt. Ltd., which is a secondary company

Untitled-1 Global Leader in Finance Technology Business

Looking for the free credit checking service- is the best platform to use. The users have free services and

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Affordable, PHP Programmers

Get your virtual team of dedicated PHP developers from iGlobsyn Technologies, a leading PHP Development company, who have extensive experience of


Top 3 Social Networks in India

Today’s era is the era of networking and online interaction. People are continuously chatting and communication with friends, relatives, and


Top 3 Companies of Android Phone in India

Today’s era is an era of mobile technology, and earlier Indian market was utterly dependent on global markets and companies


Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, is a business practice in which an organization hires another company to complete a task


What is Business Intelligence? Definition and Example

Business Intelligence is a whole set of architectures, processes, and technologies that usually convert raw data into valid and meaningful


Global Machine Learning Market with Dynamics, Size, Analysis, Estimates, and Forecast

The Global report titled Machine Learning Market has recently published by the Quintago Insights to its rich repository. The Global


Scroll ( – The Perfect Website for Latest News

About Scroll (Scroll .in) The Scroll is one of the most preferred and one of India’s leading news website that

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LED Lights in India ( – One-Stop Destination for Articles and News on LED Lights

About LED Lights in India ( ‘LED Lights in India’ is one of the leading and most trusted website which


Why Consultancy is Important for any ICO

ICO is the modern or present-day tool for raising funds for new journeys, ventures and startups, ICOs or we can


Top eCommerce Developers in India

If you are looking for your e-commerce website development providers for your company, then Netset Software Solutions has the best


Sony Corporation (

About Sony Corporation ( Sony is one of the leading and well-renowned Japanese companies which offer a wide range of


Denso ( – Shaping the Future

About Denso ( Denso is a well-renowned Japanese company and one of the world’s leading supplier of automotive components for


Best Hot Water Geysers Under Rs.15000

Choosing the best Hot Water Geysers under INR 15000 and that too of a reputed brand is a tedious task.


Highest Selling Led Tv Brands of India

Whenever we visit any electronics store, one thing always attracts us that none other than an LED television. LED is


World Web Technology is India and USA based Web Design and Development Company.

Welcome to World Web Technology We at World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd., help our customers overcome these challenges and help


Chandrayaan 2: Reconnecting to the Lander is proving the more hard with the time

ISRO is consistently trying to link with the Vikaram Lender. Experts are saying that time is running out, and the

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  • September 13, 2019
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Why ISRO lost the connection with the Vikram Lander?

Why ISRO lost the connection with the Vikram Lander? Vikram Lander found by the ISRO’s moon orbiter. It sends the

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  • September 13, 2019
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Chandrayaan 2: Orbiter took the photo of the Vikram Lander

The ISRO found the lender on the lunar surface. The lender hit on the Moon’s surface and extended position. There

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  • September 13, 2019
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Chandrayaan 2: ISRO found the Lander on the Moon Surface

India had expected to make the history with the Chandrayaan 2. A landing on the Moon causes the India fourth

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  • September 13, 2019
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Chandrayaan 2: What went wrong with the Vikram Lander?

It could happen that Vikaram Lander not only loses the connection but the control loss too. During the 15 minutes

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  • September 13, 2019
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Where is the Vikaram Lander

The chandrayaan two is successful because it achieved its mission goals. The Vikram lander doesn’t succeed in reaching the surface

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  • September 13, 2019
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National Securities Depository Limited

The Company NSDL is a central securities depository of India. It was founded on 8th August 1996. On a suggestion


Zestmoney- Digital Lending Platform Of India

The Company ZestMoney is the fastest payment platform for the consumers to pay EMI using digital mode, without the need


Variable Soft: One stop solution for all your IT needs

Incepted in the year, 2013, Variable Soft is the professional software development company that has created a strong client base