Stripe: Complete Payment Platform

Stripe is a software company founded in the year 2010 by Irish Entrepreneurs Patrick Collison and John Collison and is

SpaceX: Pioneers of Space Technology

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or in short SpaceX is an innovative and ambitious private aerospace manufacturer; it was founded in

WeWork-Sharing and Caring Workspace Solutions

WeWork- Sharing and Caring Workspace Solutions WeWork is an American firm that procures shared workspaces for startups, small businesses, communities,

An array of customized restaurant software and apps- POSist

About the post: It is a highly circulated and preferred point of the sale solution provider. It not only provides

Get to know about the AWS could computing services of Amazon

Amazon has shared a relation of reliance with all its customers. Again, there is another offer for all the Amazon

Enjoy hosting service of HostGator with a massive slash in price

Are you longing to claim your presence or the presence of your business online? Here is the solution for you.

Deal Share -More rewards every time you share a deal

The increasing importance of online shopping has made it an indispensable part of our daily lives, but still, India is

Snapchat’s latest feature: Event Invite

Latest news reveals this feature: According to a recent report, it is seen that Snapchat which is a top-rated app

Times Internet: Everything, Everyday

Times Internet is an India-based Company that owns, operates and even invests in multiple Internet-led products, services and technology. It

No cash no problem all you need to have is Walletkit

Walletkit Living in the 21st century, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Technology is something that gets better and more advanced

GridRaster: Powering Immersive MR on Mobile Platforms

GridRaster offers the network stack and compute to power up the experiences of mixed-reality on platform of mobile. Intelligent computing

DataWeave: A Platform that Works for your Data

DataWeave is a MuleSoft’s tool, and via this, we can weave various types of data together to produce another format

99TESTS – Test Your Software Before Launching

Want to test whether your software is ready to get into the market or not? Check it at If

EMCO Electronics: Transforming the Transformer Industry

EMCO Electronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs and manufactures a wide range of quality products complying with

CRON Systems #WeSecure – Pushing Borders with IoST

CRON system is a highly-growing, technical stars and VC Backed armament technology. They are recreating a lot for security- loST

No more undelivered emails with Better Email Bounces

Are you tired of the non-delivered emails and often gets email bounce error? Well! Don’t worry, here at you

InterviewStreet-a true recognizer of talent

You will be glad to know that Interview Street has been renamed HackerRank for Work. HackerRank is a popular technology

Top 10 software company in India

IT companies are considered as the backbone of any economy. If you have a stronger built up pf IT farms,

The best websites to find a job- Babajobs

Finding work is not always an easy task, and more so in times when the crisis reduces the jobs available

Saas based platform for guidance and performance help for software products and web applications

It is one of the best and leading digital adoption platform, which is useful for companies to provide intuitive onboarding

Unocoin: A Promising Platform of Bitcoin

Their determined concentration, is on being on the top as a global player and do some contribution for India as

PlayCez, let us discover new places

PlayCez is one of the most acclaimed technology start-ups in the country. IIT alumni started the company which was funded

StoryBerries- A World Full of Fantasies for Kids

As a child, one of the memories which we might have is of our parents reading some very interesting stories

Indian Elections frustrates USA Tech Giant. 

It’s remarkable, that a trip of Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley is the first in more than three decades, by

Code learn –Learn through Games

In the modern age, computers, and the internet have become a necessity, and gaming has become a culture amongst the

Roo Kids – A safe Instant Messaging Option for Kids

Everyone’s addicted to texting, isn’t that true? As adults, we understand the limits of doing something, and we would want

Meet the IT needs of your company with trusted technology solutions

This is an effective integrated solution for the identification, access, and management of the technical stuff in the company. Are

Avail save online payment solutions from PayUMoney.

The PayUMoney is one of the gateways of Indian payment, where online payment solutions can be availed with the utmost

Apple Guarantees their iPhone

Apple guarantees that their iPhones will be quicker and more efficient, the moment they develop iOS 13 this fall. It’s

HackerEarth: Challenges technical minds every day

Innovation and the use of the latest technology are imperative for the survival of any company today. But not every

MAZ Systems: World’s First Content Logistics Company

MAZ Systems Inc. is a New York-based software company, which was founded in 2010 by the designers and engineers from

Innovative social media app development firm of the 21st century

Adepto Adepto Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a popular Mumbai-based business undertaking that offers social commerce solutions to e-commerce businesses of

Looking for mutual funds investments for free- use Paytm Money

Looking for mutual funds investments for free- use Paytm Money. Paytm Money offers direct plans of mutual fund schemes with

Quick Payments No Fees No Hassles Using the Payment Wallet

  Quick Payments No Fees No Hassles Using the Paytm Wallet Business Details Paytm implies Pay through mobile, and it

New Opportunities now on your fingertips

New Opportunities now on your fingertips About Indian stage: The Indian state is a leading platform for professionals who are

Converting your Ideas into Software: Maven Hive

Converting your Ideas into Software: MavenHive What is a well-built software? Great software is the one which yields the best

The best site for price comparison Shopping India

FindYogi is one of the most useful and favorite places in India. This site enables you to compare the prices

Targetingmantra: Solution of your Sales Software

Targetingmantra, as the name suggests, it targets to enhance and boost your business. It is a solution of all your

Captivate the users mind through the exclusive features

iOS 13 reveal the new features of the iPhone in coming July. Dark mode and swipe keyboard are the key

US Crackdown Impacts Huawei Production

It seems to be trouble for the Chinese technology giant Huawei phones. This happened after US president Donald Trump declared

NASA invests for the delivery of stuff on the lunar surface

NASA announced on Friday that it would fund three commercial companies for the sole purpose of landing the delivery items

iOS 13 becomes the focal point of the users

iOS 13 is the newly launched software of Apple. Many attractive features will be included to increase its demand. This

Launching iOS 13 – A surprise for the users

Everyone who seeks the best quality of electronic gadgets like the iPhone, always look forward to Apple. They do the

Google maps add new features in-app “Popular dishes.”

By using the Google map, you will now be able to check for the most popular dishes. The favorite plate

Patient satisfaction platform Feedtrail lands $1M in funding.

For the fourth consecutive year, more than thirty organizations of patients at the state level launch the only survey in

WiFi and Bluetooth not working after Windows May 10, 2019, Update? Here'how to fix it

Microsoft is already working with Qualcomm and Realtek to solve these problems in the shortest possible time. Several users have

India’s fresh home raises $ 11 million to expand its e-commerce platform:

India’s fresh home raises $ 11 million to expand its fish, meat, and vegetable e-commerce platform: Shan Kadavil, who spent

Sony and Microsoft Officially Tie-up for chips, streaming games, and AI

Sony and Microsoft Officially Tie-up for chips, streaming games, and AI Both Sony and Microsoft Corp have confirmed that they’ve


the new internet Warriors – ASTRODOME The Internet has changed the world in ways you don’t even know yet; it

Password manager Dashlane raises $110M in Series D, adds CMO

It is the powerful password managers available on the market. The latest, it has raised $110M in funding. It has