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ROOTER SPORTS TECHNOLOGIES: A startup founded in 2016, Indian based Rooter Technologies Pvt Ltd has its regional office in Delhi

Shivom: Belief in technology

This company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Axcel Schumacher and Gourish single. It is a bridge between your DNA

Enabling Hospital And Doctors To Treat You Well With Artificial intelligence

Are you tired of going to the same old boring routine of manual checks? Here is a change. Praktice.AI: In

Just Right For The Indian Millennials

This digital entertainment company is everything that an Indian Millennial is looking forward to. Pocket Aces leverage technology to create

Top 10 Heart hospitals in India:

Heart plays a significant role in the human body. An over-weighted human being will increase the work of the heart,

Top 10 cancer hospitals in India:

In olden days cancer was an uncured disease, where it used to distract both the patient and their families. As

Find your soulmate at AISLE- a perfect matchmaking application.

Business Model AISLE is a dating app that helps you in meeting your soul partner. You can download this app

Mate Labs – Builds Easy-To-Use ML Platforms For Non-Developers With 100% Success Rate

Mate Labs was found by Rahul Vishwakarma and Kailash Ahilwar and this is a Bangalore based startup. What does Mate


In today’s world where the technology is continuously getting advanced, and the IT industry is coming up with lots of

Top 10 Laptop Selling Brands In India

The laptop is a basic necessity irrespective of the profession. It has become the most critical component of daily life,

Why MI Getting Larger Slice of Mobile Phone Market

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that possesses a market share value of 28.9 per cent in the Indian smartphone market

The 10 Crores Paytm Fraud

Paytm had been massively bleeding over the past year and there seems to be no respite in sight. After a

Paytm – A Quick Guide

What is Paytm? It is a digital payment platform which enables users to transfer cash into an integrated wallet through

The Rooms Which Await You!

Oravel Stays Private Limited, India’s largest hospitality network is trading as OYO rooms. OYO means On Your Own rooms and

Quick Ways For Your Needs

In order to enable users to buy and sell well from each other, Quickr provides an online advertising platform. According

New Tokyo underground, lights are everywhere!

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