Coronil Patanjali Medicine- Ayurvedic Medicine to cure COVID-19 Patients

Across the globe, all nations have been searching out a vaccine to treat the coronavirus. Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda shocked the

COVID-19 pandemic shows killing animals is killing us too

For centuries, we humans have pushed wildlife into dangerous corners of the planet. But now, as billions of human beings

COVID-19 Lockdown Norms: Centre warns States not to ‘Dilute’

Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla gave warning to all state governments not to violate the COVID-19 lockdown norms. The announcement

Youngest casualty from COVID-19: 1.5-month-Old Dies

A 45-day-old-infant is the youngest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The child was admitted to Delhi’s Kalawati Saran’s Children’s Hospital. It is

Import of Crude Oil during Lockdown: China Stockpiled

The Chinese economy was fighting with the coronavirus for three months. Well, the situation came under control timely. However, during

Canada COVID-19 Report – 27000 cases with 123 new deaths

In Canada, more than 27,000 COVID-19 positive cases reported until now. Further, the death toll reached around 900. Recently, Provincial

Navy Personnel found COVID-19 positive in Mumbai

Indian Navy reports its first case of coronavirus. Instead, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Indian Army

Cheetah helicopters on COVID-19 duty lands on UP Expressway

Cheetah helicopters of the Indian Air Force (IAF) headed to Chandigarh with medical samples. Soon after takeoff, the helicopter takes an

  • April 17, 2020

Pizza delivery boy tests COVID-19 positive: 72 Families quarantined

A pizza delivery boy tested positive for COVID-19. He is a resident of Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. He was showing symptoms of

Stones pelting at medical team and police officials

The government is doing everything a bit to protect people infected with COVID-19. However, some do not want the government

New lockdown guidelines – extension until May 3

PM Narendra Modi extends the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown on Tuesday. The lockdown that began on March 24 will now continue

Lockdown Extension: PM Modi’s 7 tips to fight COVID-19

Fight against coronavirus is not over yet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposes a lockdown extension in India until May 3. He announces

Lockdown in UK for at least three more weeks

The government extends Lockdown in UK and restrictions this week. All citizens need to follow social distancing norms strictly. The death toll

30% salary cut – volunteer CEC, ECs

The government is taking various steps to fight against COVID-19. Now, civil society organizations will also fund the COVID-19 fight. Contribution

Nagaland reports first positive case of COVID-19

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Northeast India finally reaches to 39. Assam has 29 positive cases. However, Manipur

Indo-Americans die of Coronavirus in U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic takes away lives of More than 40 Indo-Americans. The test reports of around 1500 people are coronavirus positive

Easter Celebrations: PM Narendra Modi extends warm greetings

In the last 100 years, Easter celebrations have never been like this. The coronavirus pandemic has muted the public cheer and enthusiasm

Japanese manufacturers paid $2 Billion to leave China

Last week, Japan president announced a $1 trillion relief package to fight against pandemic coronavirus. Out of these, Japanese manufacturers got a

U.S. death toll crosses 20,000 mark, Overtakes Italy

U.S. death toll from the pandemic coronavirus overtakes Italy. The United States surpasses Italy as it reports more than 20,000 deaths

Lockdown Extension in West Bengal

The West Bengal government announces a lockdown extension until April 30. In a press conference, CM Mamta Banerjee announces that schools and

World Health Day: Analyzing US economy after COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global economic growth. Around the world, all countries are facing problems due to lockdown.

Homemade facemask worn by PM Modi in Video Conference with CMs

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday led a video conferencing with the chief ministers of all states. He discussed whether the 21-day

Disinfected Drones used for Thermal Screening in Delhi

The tech industry proved how hi-tech gadgets and big data could improve people’s lives. To curb the spread of the

Construction of buffer zones around Containment areas: Delhi Govt

Nationwide Lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi will end on April 14, 2020. The purpose of Lockdown was to halt

Indian Railways to keep middle berths empty post lockdown

As of now, the 21- day nationwide lockdown will end. The government is likely resume Indian railways transport services. The

Assault on two women doctors for spread of COVID-19

On Wednesday night, the arrest of a 42-year-old man took place. He allegedly did the assault on two women doctors. Moreover,

COVID-19 Hotspots: 13 more locked by Delhi Government

The nationwide lockdown ends on April 14. Whereas, the decision over the further extension of the lockdown remains pending. There

Jack Dorsey pledges $1 billion to fight COVID-19

Jack Dorsey pledges to donate $1 billion to fight against coronavirus pandemic. Even many other CEOs are coming forward and announcing their contribution

Coronavirus Death Projection lowered in U.S

In the United States, officials warned Americans. They informed that due to Coronavirus, pandemic death projection could be alarming high. Coronavirus

Coronavirus death toll in US jump a record 1,939 in a day

According to data by John Hopkins University, nearly 2000 Americans infected by Coronavirus have lost their lives in a single

Free COVID-19 tests directed by Supreme Court

The confirmed novel coronavirus cases had increased worldwide. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court (SC) directed the Centre to conduct free COVID-19 tests at private

Global Economy: $1 trillion diffusion by Japan

Japan has committed to diffuse around $1 trillion into the global economy. It proposed it to protect its economy from the widespread

Global economic policies amid COVID-19 crisis

All countries’ economies throughout the world are staggering—no matter whether it’s developed, developing, or under-developed nations. As a result, there

India needs to Ramp up Production of Hydroxychloroquine to Meet Demand

As per India Pharma Industry, India does 70 percent of the world’s production of Hydroxychloroquine. There is enough stock that lies

NZ Minister demoted for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules

New Zealand’s Health Minister David Clark described himself as an ‘idiot’ for driving his family 12 miles to the Doctor’s

COVID-19: British PM Boris Johnson moved to Intensive Care Unit as symptoms worsen

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting a deadly COVID-19, has been admitted to the ICU of a London hospital with ”persistent symptoms”

COVID-19: Trump threatens ‘Retaliation’ hydroxychloroquine tablets withheld

US President Donald Trump hints that there if India doesn’t allow export of anti-malarial Hydroxychloroquine tablets used to fight corona infection to

Banking in this difficult phase of pandemic

We should feel grateful, as we are not in the phase where for every banking transaction we need to rush

Raghuram Rajan’s take on COVID: Biggest Emergency since 1947

Raghuram Rajan describes Corona Virus Pandemic as one of the most significant emergencies since the year 1947. Since independence, India

Ordinance to cut salaries by 30% for PM, MPs & Ministers approved by Cabinet

On April 6, 2020, the cabinet passed an ordinance to shrink salaries of PM, Ministers, and all other MPs by

Can COVID spread from Human to Animals – Tiger at Bronx Zoo is the Answer

On Sunday, Federal officials said that a tiger reported positive for new COVID-19 at Bronx Zoo. It is troublesome and

Requested Indian PM Modi to release Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump

In a daily press conference at White House, Trump informed that he discussed it with Indian PM. He requested PM

This will be critical; virus diffuse could recede – Govt on COVID

In India, the number of people affected through pandemic has catch acceleration after Nizamuddin Markaz. The coming weeks are very

Trudeau and Trump to discuss regarding export ban

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and President of The United States of America is going to talk about the

CM Arvind Kejriwal hits out at Centre for PPE Shortage

Delhi has seen a sudden spike in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. In a press conference, Chief Minister, along

Trump calls PM Modi, asks to release Hydroxychloroquine ordered by US

US President Donald Trump said he spoke to Prime Minister Modi. He requested to release Hydroxychloroquine. The United States orders

Novel Corona Virus: Impacting and spreading to every country on the planet

Corona Virus has spread to every continent and almost every country on this planet. People are losing their lives due

Small businesses in California got big relief from Sales Tax

As the world’s economy is suffering from COVID-19 widespread, Many countries worldwide are on the extreme edge of recession. World

Corona virus updates: Debate in white house regarding use of face mask

There will be a debate regarding emphasizing on social distancing or the use of facemasks. As medicines are going to

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s preparation to fight against COVID-19

Out of two patients, one will die, and one will survive as there is only one ventilator over two patients.